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Our Therapists



Jaclyn Tan

Director & Consultant Occupational Therapist


Jaclyn Tan is a graduate from La Trobe University (Melbourne), Australia. Prior to OzWorks, she worked at the National University Hospital and KK Women's and Children's Hospital where she was involved in setting up services and giving educational talks in the media. Jaclyn has vast experience in the area of Sensory Integrative Therapy and working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and physical disabilities, among others. She also specialises in establishing foundational and academic skills to prepare children for school.     

Jaclyn is a certified SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Test) therapist and voraciously keeps abreast with current trends and development in paediatric rehabilitation. Her many years of working experience and astute mind puts her in good stead to analyse and detect even nuanced conditions and to make sound judgment calls for all her clients. She is hence a highly popular go-to paediatric therapist in Singapore.   

Jaclyn enjoys singing and is a Lego and word game enthusiast. 


Sudev Sreedharan

Director & Consultant Occupational Therapist
(Adolescent & Mental Health)

Sudev Sreedharan is a graduate of the University of Sydney, Australia. He is a well- respected clinician and has broad working experience in the field of psychosocial, cognitive as well as physical rehabilitation. He worked with the Institute of Mental Health and Changi General Hospital in Singapore prior to helping establish OzWorks Therapy. He has a special interest in working with students with school integration, organisation and life-skills requirements. He is also highly sought after in training organizational skills to adults with attention deficit disorder. 

Sudev has the ability to connect very well with all groups of clients. Medical specialists have been extremely pleased with his clinical outcomes. He is a popular feature at workshops, conferences and educational institutions. He has also been sent by the United Nations to implement therapy programmes in Cambodia. 
Sudev and his beautiful wife Shan have 2 wonderful kids, Sanjay and Sasha. In between spending time with his family, Sudev spends time on DIY projects and is a novice gym rat. He is also a die-hard Manchester United fan and enjoys travelling.


Vicki Pang

Director & Consultant Occupational Therapist
                  (Hand & Musculoskeletal)

Vicki Pang graduated from the University of South Australia, Adelaide in 1991. She has worked at the National University Hospital and Changi General Hospital in Singapore as well as in Toronto, Canada. She has extensive experience working with renowned surgeons in the area of upper limb trauma and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Her work also involves performing functional assessments and acting as an expert witness for post-injury victims. In between her clinical load, she upgrades herself by attending various musculoskeletal-related courses and has also been involved in lecturing and presenting talks at various public forums. 

Vicki is a much sought-after hand therapist and delivers excellent clinical outcomes for her clients. She has good bedside manners and is able to motivate and put her clients at ease. 

Vicki and her spouse Leslie enjoy gastronomy in all forms, travelling and goofing around with son, Lucas and daughter, Leigh-Anne. They are also actively engaged in church and community work in Singapore and the region.


Our growing team of vibrant occupational therapists chosen for their experience and disposition


Kumutha (Kumi) Rasappan

Kumi graduated from the University of Manchester, UK in year 2000 with an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy. Thereafter she spent 7 years working in the UK both in the private sector and NHS hospitals. As a Principal Physiotherapist at the Wirral NHS Trust, she headed the department of Orthopaedics and Trauma. She acquired extensive experience in treating lower limb trauma and in musculoskeletal rehabilitation while working in the UK.   

On returning to Singapore in 2007, Kumi joined Mount Elizabeth Hospital as a physiotherapist in post-operative rehabilitation programmes for spinal operations, ACL injuries, total hip and knee replacements as well numerous other musculoskeletal conditions.   

Kumi specialises in manual and exercise therapy and her area of interest lies in the treatment of musculoskeletal- related conditions; namely those involving the lower limbs, back and neck. She also specialises in Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Emmett Therapy. Kumi enjoys her work tremendously and gains great satisfaction from seeing patients recover and be symptom-free once again.   

She is married to Guna and they have 2 beautiful daughters. When she is not with fussing with the kids, Kumi enjoys reading and painting.


Sharon Seah

Consultant Occupational Therapist
(Hand & Musculoskeletal)

Sharon Seah holds a Masters degree in Advanced Occupational Therapy from New York University. She is also a Certified Hand Therapist, having successfully passed a comprehensive set of tests of advanced clinical skills and theory in upper quadrant rehabilitation. 

After working for 10 years in an acute care hospital in Singapore where she specialised in hand and upper limb rehabilitation, Sharon went on to practice at a top Level I trauma hospital in Manhattan, New York. There, she further honed her skills while working alongside hand and orthopaedic surgeons on complex trauma cases. She is creative, up-to-date and familiar with a wide range of treatment techniques to assist and expedite clients' return to sports, work and other desired pursuits. 

Sharon also has an ongoing special interest in carrying out Functional Capacity Evaluations and return-to-work programmes. She is dedicated and astute in assessing and recommending options for post-injured individuals

Sharon is outgoing, sociable, and engages well with clients of all age groups and backgrounds. She has a passion for sailing, participating regularly in regattas and races in Singapore and around the region. She has recently spent two years sailing around the world together with her husband and three cats on a sailing catamaran, experiencing diverse cultures and countries.


Shashidaran( Shashi) Ramasamy

Consultant Occupational Therapist


Shashi graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia with both a Master of Occupational Therapy as well as a Bachelor of Psychology. He has worked in the field of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) as a behavioural interventionist in Australia, providing interventions to children on the autism spectrum. He is familiar with behavioural psychology methods of teaching such as discrete trial training and prompt hierarchy strategies to enhance motor skills, communication as well as behavioural and emotional regulation.

Shashi has also had a rewarding career as a support staff cum mentor to adult students with autism in Curtin University. He worked alongside these students to develop individualised goals and programmes to support them in their social, psychological and vocational challenges so they could transit smoothly through their university courses.

This amiable Occupational Therapist hopes to apply his diverse training and experience to help the young clients in OzWorks Therapy build positive and long-lasting outcomes for themselves.

In his spare time, Shashi enjoys playing sports such as badminton and archery; working out at the gym; and spending time with family and friends. In addition, the nerd side of him also likes to curl up and bury his nose in books or watch documentaries on ancient and medieval history.

Benedict pix.jpg

Benedict Tan

Consultant Occupational Therapist


Benedict graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Occupational Therapy Practice.

Benedict has experience working with clients of varying age groups and conditions. These range from children with special needs in primary schools to adults with neurological/orthopaedic impairments in community hospitals, to patients requiring specialised personal mobility aids.

The younger clientele group takes quickly to Benedict as he is fun and able to engage them easily through the use of play. He is also deliberate in adopting a family-centered approach in his interventions as he feels the family unit is vital in a child’s development.

Having spent his childhood in Cambodia and the US where his parents worked and having studied in Australia, Benedict adapts well to changes and enjoys meeting people of diversed cultural backgrounds. For leisure, he plays football, takes long strolls in the park with his dog and chills at home watching Pixar movies with his wife. 

Renee Foo

Consultant Occupational Therapist


Renee graduated from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Occupational Therapy.  She has clinical experience working with a diversed range of clients in settings ranging from subacute neurology and community mental health to early intervention.


Prior to pursuing Occupational Therapy, Renee had spent 6 years studying theatre where she directed and performed in various productions. She had also volunteered in a local organisation where she used theatre and art as a medium to engage children with special needs. Renee currently effectively utilises her artistic skills and experiences to engage children in creative and imaginative play as a part of therapy.


Outside of work, Renee dabbles in painting and enjoys crocheting. She has a passion for languages and is an aspiring polygot who spends her free time schooling herself in new languages.

Renee Pix.jpg

Sharon Chen

Consultant Occupational Therapist


Sharon Chen holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Trinity College, Dublin. She is an empathetic and knowledgeable therapist who has worked with diversed groups of patients in the public and community hospitals before she joined the private sector. Sharon has comprehensive training and is experience in applying Proprioceptive and Neuromuscular Facilitation, The Alert Program, Self-management and Sensory Integration approach into her sessions.

She also creates a positive environment to enhance growth and learning by weaving fun with functional and meaningful engagements into her intervention, making hard work enjoyable for the kids. Kids take well to her while showing progress under her care. 

In addition, Sharon supports and has an ongoing interest in education. Throughout her career, she has mentored junior therapists and supervised therapy students. She has restructured learning programs within the clinical department and served in the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) as an examiner and was also involved in research with them. In addition, she is a council member of the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists where she contributes in the Education and Research team. 

Outside of work, Sharon is outgoing and loves team sports.You will not want to mess with her once you know she plays Australian football with the Singapore Wombats AFL team at an international level as well as gaelic football with the Singapore Gaelic Lions.


Cher Poh Gaik

Cher graduated with a Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Prior to becoming a speech therapist, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Linguistics from the University of Western Australia, and certificates in TESOL and Montessori education. After 5 years teaching English to children and young adults in English language centres and universities, she decided to pursue her long-held passion for speech therapy.


Cher has worked with children and young adults from different linguistic and socio-cultural backgrounds at special-needs schools, EIPIC centres and private therapy clinics. Her clientele has included individuals with speech, language, communication and fluency difficulties associated with syndromic conditions (e.g. ASD, GDD, Downs Syndrome, Waardenburg Syndrome), auditory processing difficulties, hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, selective mutism and other developmental delays. She employs her fluency in English, Chinese dialects and Malay to connect with clients and to coach caregivers. 

She is familiar with Hanen, DIR Floortime, PROMPT, the TEACCH method as well as PECS strategies and adopts an eclectic approach tailored to meet the individual child's needs. She believes that the best learning is done within an emotionally-secure relationship between the child and therapist, so that stress is kept at a minimum and self-esteem can blossom. 

For leisure, Cher enjoys watercolour painting, cooking, reading and travelling. 

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