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My daughter was diagnosed with severe speech delay in late 2017. We chanced upon teacher Cher's profile and took a leap of faith to follow her. Cher was patient and engaging during every lesson. Her bubbly character and fun lessons keep Kristen engaged and look forward to every lesson. Cher gave us weekly assignment to work with Kristen and useful suggestions on areas that we should improve on. She also communicates and follows up with us whenever we have any concern. She is assuming and made us feel encouraged. We felt her sincere and know that she is genuinely concern about Kristen. Kristen is doing relatively well in her primary school now all thanks to Cher. She is a God sent to us.

- Ms Jasmine, Mother of Kristen, 7 years old

My son has dyspraxia, so he doesn't like to exercise. But teacher Xue Yi taught him patiently and politely. He was always able to go to session with pleasure. Thanks to teacher, his ability improved. Thank you very much!

- Mother of Horinouchi, 9 year old boy

I am very thankful to have Jaclyn as my daughter's therapist. She has been absolutely spot-on with identifying the issues that Lee-Ann struggles with, and has been able to put in place strategies to help her. Her wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject has been very reassuring too. Very importantly too, Lee-Ann loves each and every OT session. Every 1 hour session is 'too short, 'not enough' for her. She wishes that OT session can be 5 hours long! :)

- Ms Jean, Mother of Lee-Ann, 9 year old girl

Sudev is very dedicated to help Aidan. He has helped Aidan and my relationship with him alot. Even Aidan can see the benefits that he told Sudev himself that no matter how busy he is, he will still want to come for sessions.

- Ms SY, Mother of Aidan, 15 year old boy

Cher is a lovely, caring person. My son loves the time spent with her and he is making progress!

- Ms Nadia, Mother of Marcus, 6 year old boy

Working with Sudev is a pleasure. He gives Yotam above and beyond what we expected. He is patient yet tough, treating Yotam as an adult and with respect. Explaining what he does and is very understanding to us as parents. Yotam is lucky to have Sudev as his therapist!

- Noa Harari, Mother of Yotam Harari, 9 years old

Attentive, detailed and informative, the therapist can manage and control the child even after the first visit. The therapist has lots of experience. Shares useful methods for home.

- Mdm W. Lee, Mother of 4 year-old boy

Kind, understanding, focused and helpful. Determined to make a change for the better in the lives of our kids.

- Mdm Jyotsna Mathur, Mother of Ritvik Das, 9 years old

The therapists are professional, willing to listen and will try to cater to our children’s needs. Extremely happy with their services.

- Mrs J. Gan, Mother of child with ASD

Helpful and experienced. Jaclyn is able to give advice and tips in handling my son or any issues that I questioned. Though my son has not been up to par, I believe and hope that the therapist will help him!

- Mdm C. (name withheld), Mother of 5 year-old child

I am impressed with their assessment. Continuous feedback after therapy helps us to follow and improve our child’s motor skills and attention. The child likes the therapist and love to come back for therapy sessions. This shows that the child is happy and learning their skills to meet milestones. I am very happy with their approach. Keep it up, Jaclyn!

- Mr. Mahalingam Prabakaran, Father of Shreeya Prabakaran, 8 years old

My child has made great improvements. It did not take long for him to learn organizational skills and his speech and intelligibility have also improved. Thank you. (translated from Chinese)

- Ms. J. Loh, Mother of child with ASD

The therapists are approachable, understanding and thorough. What I like most is that the therapist takes time to talk/brief me on my child’s progress as well as help me with any concerns I have with him. Understanding that my child will likely be stressed when he starts his new school, they took that into account and suggested an extra session per week. I am really appreciative of that because it totally slipped my mind. I am touched that they consider all aspects of him and wanted to help him as much as they can to make it less stressful for him.

- Mdm. Lim Tien Ling, Mother of Luke Slater, 4 years old

During her birth, our daughter, Georgia, suffered a major brain injury and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We started physiotherapy immediately but realized that she would also need intensive early intervention from an Occupational Therapist. We explored a number of clinics across Singapore and were immediately impressed with OzWorks. Being from Australia, we liked the fact that many of the therapists were Australian-trained, but more importantly, we thought the atmosphere of the clinic was excellent. The therapists instantly knew the challenges Georgia was facing. Two years on and Georgia has made huge progress. Jaclyn has worked so hard to get Georgia to where she is today-we used to have a baby who would constantly scream in any new environment, to a new sound, feeling, exercise and experience. Georgia now is really excited to come to OzWorks, and quickly accepts any new challenging exercise Jaclyn throws her into. She,  and we, love the colourful equipment and the friendliness, care and attention from all the staff. OzWorks has become a very important part of Georgia’s therapy team. We would definitely recommend the clinic to any family with a child who needs special attention, or early intervention for a physical or mental issue. Thank you OzWorks!

- Mr. & Mrs. Louise and Michael Conn, Parents of Georgia, 2 years old

The best thing that happened to me since my injury. The staff is willing to provide more than what is professionally expected of them. More like a friend than a friendly therapist. Warm and sympathetic and understanding and outweigh any out there. I am currently in therapy for recovery and am extremely hopeful for even more recovery. 
P.S. To Sudev, it's hard to quantify ABI recovery. But I would not have trusted any other company to produce my current state of recovery.

- Mr. Mah, Adolescent with acquired brain injury

Sudev established very good rapport with my child. We're very happy to see improvements. Most importantly, my child looks forward to the sessions. Thank you!

- Mrs. C (name withheld), Mother of 8 year-old boy

Firm, patient, clear about intervention strategy, practical advice for follow up at home where possible.

- Mrs. H (name withheld), Mother of 12 year-old boy

To Vicki. 
Thank you so much for the patience and encouragement given.

- Ms. Serine Lee, Hand therapy patient

Vicki is very engaging. She keeps you talking and ‘playing’ so that therapy is fun. This is especially important when the therapy is challenging. I really appreciate the very positive atmosphere at Ozworks.

- Mr. Gary Lipkowitz, Hand therapy patient.

Support advice is given via email. Help is therefore not just limited to the 1 hour of an occupational therapy session.

- Mrs. NCW (name withheld), Hand therapy patient

Very caring therapist, with effective treatment methods for my hand. Would definitely recommend it to my friends. 
The therapist established a very good rapport with my child. We’re very happy to see improvements. Most importantly, my child looks forward to the sessions. 
Thank you.

- Mrs. C, Mother of an 8- year-old boy. (Mother sees hand therapist for her hand injury and son sees Sudev for a learning issue.)

Thoughtful, friendly, helpful, nice, very experienced. Would introduce them to friends or people I know if they need help with bones.

- Ms. Cheryl Lee

Overall, the therapists and staff at OzWorks have been encouraging, responsive and patient-centric. I was particularly impressed by Vicki Pang and the therapy assistant for responding swiftly to my feedback regarding pressure gloves. They went the extra mile to improvise the gloves with hidden sewing skills. It was totally unexpected and I was touched by the kind gesture. Thank you.

- Ms. Alison Wong, Hand therapy patient

Satisfied with the clinical outcomes at OzWorks Therapy. They are very friendly and professional.

- Mr. Giam Chin Toon, Hand therapy patient

Very caring therapist, with effective treatment methods. Would definitely recommend it to friends.

- Ms. Charlotte, Hand therapy patient

I have lost track of the number of people I referred to Kumi. She’s just so good. Her method of therapy is so special. I go to her with neck and backache and she is able to tell me the source is actually in the stomach. She has this unique magical touch that makes you feel so much better after seeing 

- Mr. Paramjeet Singh, Physiotherapy patient

The therapist is very caring, professional and detailed. Communicates with us to understand problems. The treatment is efficient. Advice given is useful. Special thanks to Kumi for treating my son Ding Lin’s injured leg and her advice on exercises.

- Mdm Koh Seow Ee Shirley, Mother of Ding Lin, physiotherapy patient

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