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Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapist is skilled in the assessment and management of children with varied speech, language and communication challenges.  Using personalised and fun strategies, we will assist your child to build relevant skills and confidence in a non-threatening environment. 

We accept referrals for children with challenges in the following areas:


• Inability to express needs and wants in appropriate ways, e.g. snatching objects or throwing tantrums instead of using words, hitting others, little/no interest in spending time interacting with caregivers and peers 

Understanding of spoken language 

• Vocabulary – e.g. specific words for objects and actions 
• Questions – e.g. Where is the bear? Who is singing? Why are you upset?
• Instructions – e.g. Sit down, Give mummy the puzzle 
• Stories


Speech clarity and fluency 

• Unclear pronunciation
• Stuttering


Difficulties in the above areas may be accompanied by:

• Other development difficulties , e.g. ASD, ADHD, GDD, Down’s Syndrome, etc
• Compromised cognitive, motor or sensory development
• Frustration and/or inappropriate expression of desires and feelings
• Poor attention 
• Poor academic performance
• Hearing loss


Our Services and Programmes: 

• Standardised as well as informal language and speech assessments (e.g. CELF-P2, CELF-4, GFTA)
• Formal reports for doctors, schools, MOE application for special arrangements/exemptions 
• Memos / progress reports to update schools and doctors on child’s progress 
• Consultancy in special schools 
• School visits to assess child’s level of functioning in daily life. Where teachers are open, strategies will be provided/explained. 
• Home programmes, support and training for family members or caregivers to assist with skill generalisation. Available in English, Malay, and/or Chinese dialects.

Other programs:

Children & Adolescent

Educational Therapy

Psychosocial Conditions

Musculskeletal Conditions

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Other Adjunct Services

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